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Project Description

This is a simple alarm clock application for windows created by Lucas Teague and Charles Teague on September 22, 2012. We created Alarm Clock because we wanted an audible alarm to go off when it is Time for an online remote school class. We could not find a simple free alarm clock on windows that does not install unwanted software. Lucas is 10 and Charles is his father.

We tested the alarm clock on Windows 7 64-bit, the build computer, and we tested the install on Windows Vista 32-bit. The application was created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition C#. It is currently less than 100 lines of code. We would love to hear suggestions for improvements because this first version is very basic. Because this was created in VS.Net 2010 the install will add the 4.0 framework to Vista 32 bit. If you test the install on other windows operating systems, than could you let us know which one it worked on (or did not work).

We only plan on working on this 4 hours a week usually on the weekend. So, if you have suggested changes, then please be patient as we get to them.

Download Alarm Clock Installation.

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